Huawei WATCH GT2, install new version update

Huawei WATCH GT2, install new version update

2021-12-23 8 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei’s WATCH GT2 software update has released the official version It is a major version update according to Huawei statement. The update may be on different dates depending on the region and countries.

Huawei Watch update size is 227 Mb. Since the update size is large and will take a long time, the battery level must be high. It has been announced that many innovations will come with the new update. It will support the device lock screen password, connection with sports equipment, installation of numerous third-party applications, which will add many health functions, help you in daily use, sports.

Details announced in the update:

  • App: Supports installation of numerous third-party apps “Download method: mobile sports and health apps -> equipment -> HUAWEI WATCH GT2 -> app market”
  • Sports: Added sunrise and sunset display for outdoor sports. The pace zone can be viewed during the running process to help you exercise scientifically. It can be associated with triple data of Huawei mobile phones and sports equipment. You can keep the screen on during training for easy viewing of real-time training data.
    “Opening method: Settings -> Training Settings -> Display is always on”
  • System: Added lock screen password function to improve device security
  • Health: The heart health research app can be installed to measure heart health data directly on the watch. You can improve the menstrual cycle function, you can manually record the cycle on the watch.