Analysys Mason and Huawei Release 5G New Calling White Paper

Analysys Mason and Huawei Release 5G New Calling White Paper

2023-03-22 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Analysys Mason, a world leading management consultancy focused on telecoms, media and technology, and Huawei just released a white paper on 5G New Calling. Based on Analysys Mason’s survey results, Opportunities and Challenges of 5G New Calling describes the opportunities and challenges facing 5G New Calling, and introduces the strategies and best practices that Chinese operators have developed in the construction of 5G New Calling.

  • 5G New Calling Has Enormous Market Potential for Both Individuals and Enterprises

Caroline Gabriel, author of the white paper and Research Director of Analysys Mason, said that voice remains a core telecom service crucial to operators’ revenue growth and customer loyalty. In 2022, Analysys Mason surveyed 4000 individuals and 501 enterprises and organizations to gain insights into their communication expectations. The survey revealed that individual users want an enhanced mobile calling experience, that for example makes use of emojis and AR to enhance their calls. Enterprises meanwhile seek to reduce costs while improving communication efficiency. About 77% of the enterprises surveyed would upgrade their customer service systems to improve user experiences; among them, 55% hoped to shorten the time taken to process calls and complete transactions over the phone . In addition, over half of enterprises surveyed plan to launch features such as enterprise business cards, interactive menus, and video-based customer services. 5G New Calling is likely to be a powerful means for implementing these features.

In contrast with 4G, 5G offers high-bandwidth and low-latency network connections, which lays a solid foundation for implementing high-definition and immersive audio and video calling. In particular, 3GPP has defined the data channel that works on top of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to support interactive calling, which paves the way for the healthy development of 5G New Calling.

  • Make Joint Efforts to Build a 5G New Calling Ecosystem

According to the white paper, cultivating a wide and vibrant ecosystem is critical to the prosperity of 5G New Calling, which includes building industry consensus and vision, collaborating with suppliers, promoting services step by step, and setting benchmarks. The white paper recommends that operators strive to improve users’ recognition of service value, collaborate with suppliers to accelerate the development of devices compatible with 5G New Calling, and encourage developers to use open APIs to develop New Calling applications. This will stimulate service innovation, provide users with a wider variety of services, and prevent the New Calling industry from becoming scattered.

At present, operators in China are moving towards the commercial deployment of 5G New Calling, including services such as real-time translation, video-based customer services, and remote maintenance. Earlier this year, China Mobile recruited ‘friendly users’ in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong provinces to try out 5G New Calling services, such as visualized voice calling, fun calling, and real-time translation. With the launch of new terminals that support data channels, more real-time interactive services will be developed.

The white paper proposes that more partners group together to build the 5G New Calling ecosystem, so as to catalyze the development of this new industry and open up a new horizon for communications.

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