Avita 11 “Huawei car” has 600 kilometers of battery life

Avita 11 “Huawei car” has 600 kilometers of battery life

2022-03-14 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Avita 11, the first model jointly made by Huawei and CATL and Changan, has been listed in the last batch of the “Highway Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products” catalog. First announced in November 2021, the Avita car will be officially launched at the Beijing Auto Show and orders can be delivered in the third quarter.

Avita 11 SUV model is equipped with electric propulsion system and adopts Ningde era CTP ternary lithium battery pack. It is said that the cruising range can reach approximately 600 km. Avita 11 Cockpit section uses HarmonyOS smart cockpit.

The Avita 11 SUV model, which has many features, will be equipped with smart driving, Huawei’s L2 level automatic assisted driving ADS system. It is also equipped with more than 30 sensing equipment. The high-speed automatic navigation system is likely to be able to realize point-to-point automatic driving in city scenes. It could be the smartest vehicle we’ll ever see.

Avita 11 has a special design. The car’s headlights are split and have a slim shape. Turn signals and headlights and are integrated into a single shape, similar to the shape of a “boomerang”. It has 22 inch wheels. Wheelbase 2975 mm, 4880/1970/1601 mm (length, width and height).

It is reported that Avita’s design center is in Germany and the car was designed by the German design team.