Chinese artist depicts Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as sexy super villain Harley Quinn

Chinese artist depicts Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as sexy super villain Harley Quinn

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A Chinese artist known for his anti-Western themes published a new work. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau DC Comics’ super villain Harley Quinn is dressed in hot pants and fishnet stockings.

Wuheqilin’s illustration marks the final episode of the diplomatic debate between China and Canada. Parody Wu-Tang Clan T-ShirtDesigned by a worker at the Canadian embassy. Beijing said this was inappropriate because the altered logo containing the word “Wu-han” implies that Wuhan residents ate bats.

Canada said the design was modeled on the logo of the US hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, which was a misunderstanding, but the Chinese foreign ministry refused to explain and asked Ottawa to take the matter more seriously.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is depicted as supervillain Harley Quinn in a new work by Chinese artist Wuheqilin. Photo: Weibo

China and Canada have been at odds since the Chinese telecommunications giant’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was detained more than two years ago. Huawei Technologies. Shortly after, two Canadian citizens working in China – Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig – were detained in open retaliation.

Wuheqilin, whose real name is Fu Yu, often used his art to attack Western leaders, fueling anti-Western sentiment on social media platforms.

He stood out with an illustration of it late last year. Australian soldier beheading an Afghan boy – a reference to war crimes allegations in the South Asian country – posted on Twitter by Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

Titled “BAT” and also British Prime Minister Boris Johnson while posing as the villain Penguin and Meng were crucified, it was shared over 5,300 times and garnered more than 48,000 likes on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo.

Despite the China-Canada fight, several Weibo users looked confused by the Harley Quinn image.

“For someone who is not even good at reading comprehension like me, I can only see a little chubby hot chick,” said one on Weibo.
Others praised Fu for responding to “enemy Western forces”.

“You took off the underwear that strangers used to cover their heads,” wrote another Weibo user.

Fu had previously said that he would not bow to “moral pressure” and would only produce examples of the West.

“Intellectuals in China have always had a problem of caring too much for valuing people and the country since ancient times, so they shouldn’t fight. I’m not the same I never wanted to be a human rights advocate,” he said in Weibo last month.
“Last year, the part of my work focusing on Chinese and overseas topics was 50:50. This year I will not paint anything on domestic matters and will only mock American imperialists. So don’t tag me with any local social news. I have only one answer: I will not. “

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