Euler openEuler innovative version 21.09 officially released

Euler openEuler innovative version 21.09 officially released

2021-10-01 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei has officially announced openEuler. Ruqierzhi new The new version of openEuler 21.09 is the first community innovation version after Euler officially upgraded the open source operating system for digital infrastructure.

With the rapid development of the community, the scene-oriented SIG has been constantly created, and openEuler’s application frontier has gradually expanded from the initial server scene to cloud computing, edge computing, embedded and more scenarios.

openEuler 21.09 enhances the related functions of local scheduling in the cloud. For mixed deployment scenarios of online and offline services in cloud scenarios, innovative CPU scheduling algorithms and OOM memory recycling algorithms are used by online services to provide real-time CPU suppression and flicker suppression and support the safe and reliable operation of online services.

OpenResty has now been ported to openEuler version 21.09. OpenResty is a high performance web platform based on Nginx and Lua. It is used to build dynamic Web applications, Web services, and dynamic gateways that can handle ultra-high concurrency and high scalability.