HarmonyOS development tools, Huawei DevEco Studio 2.2 Beta 2 download

HarmonyOS development tools, Huawei DevEco Studio 2.2 Beta 2 download

2021-09-15 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Hongmeng HarmonyOS development tools, Huawei DevEco Studio 2.2 Beta 2 released, download link is below. Also SDK API 6 has been officially released.

Huawei has released a new version of DevEco Studio 2.2 Beta2 with many new and improved features. Also, the HarmonyOS SDK API6 Beta has been officially updated to release after a series of iterations, supporting the simultaneous release of the new version of DevEco Studio.

How to upgrade: Open the installed history version of DevEco Studio and select “Help > Check for Updates” to upgrade.

DevEco Studio offers rich engineering templates covering mobile phones, tablets, car machines, smart displays, smart wearables, lightweight smart wearables and smart vision to meet the development needs of multiple devices and multiple scenarios. It creates projects suitable for all types of equipment and automatically generates relevant codes and resource templates.

Huawei DevEco Studio 2.2

A new template market, MarketPlace, has been added to version 2.2 Beta2 this time. DevEco Studio’s built-in templates only keep the core business templates, and more templates are available in MarketPlace. Developers can go to MarketPlace to download more business templates they need.

If you want to preview the interface effect during development, you can use the Previewer. In the previous version, the Previewer only supported a few fixed-size canvases and could not meet the needs of different screen resolutions.

In this version of 2.2 Beta2, Previewer has added a custom Profile Manager that supports developers to customize the preview device Profile. You can set different resolution canvases and different languages ​​to preview the HarmonyOS apps or atom services on different devices. effect. At the same time, Profile Manager also launched some common device types, including P40, Mate X2, MatePad pro, X1 car, Watch3.

Download directly from HarmonyOS official website:
Web Page: https://developer.harmonyos.com/cn/develop/deveco-studio
DevEco Studio 2.1 Release: Download Link
DevEco Studio 2.2 Beta2 : Download Link