Health Check With Huawei Watch Gt Active

Health Check With Huawei Watch Gt Active

2019-07-15 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Watch GT Active provides advice on what users need to do to make them feel better every day. The device combines modern design and advanced technology with a durable battery.

Physical health depends on many different factors. Although we have some influence on some of these, it needs to be improved with recommendations. Therefore, the Huawei Watch GT Active not only monitors movements and exercise activities, but also heart rate and sleep quality. At the same time, the low power consumption system provides a long battery life to perform this analysis for two weeks or more.

Sleep monitoring

Too short, frequently interrupted or very light sleep adversely affects our health. Therefore, one of the most important features of Huawei Watch GT Active is its advanced sleep parameters monitoring. HUAWEI TruSleep technology controls all stages of sleep as a result of a joint research project with the Harvard Medical School CDB Center and offers more than 200 possible suggestions to improve sleep quality, enabling the detection of typical sleep problems.

To learn more about sleep cycles, you should not remove the Huawei Watch GT Active during sleep. Huawei TrueSleep technology shows the percentage of deep sleep, as well as controlling the rate of mild sleep and provides some extra information: how many times you wake up at night, whether deep sleep is continuous or breathing quality.

Therefore, when awakened tired and sleepy, the Huawei Watch GT Active shows the reasons and provides comprehensive explanations and tips for each of the tested parameters. In addition, week, month and even year summaries can be displayed in the application menu to analyze long-term trends.

Real-time heart rate tracking

With the latest HUAWEI TruSeen technology, the Huawei Watch GT Active is capable of continuous real-time heart rate monitoring. The self-learning algorithm and the use of sensors allow very precise measurements. The Watch GT performs the heart rate monitoring function not only when the exercise program is running, but by monitoring the heart’s activity all day long.