Huawei accused of infiltrating Cambridge University research center

Huawei accused of infiltrating Cambridge University research center

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Huawei News; Huawei allegedly ‘infiltrated’ the Cambridge University research center. Three of the four executives at the Cambridge China Management Center (CCCM) were said to have ties to Huawei and called for an ‘urgent investigation’

Cambridge University insists that a former Huawei executive has never served the center, while the firm itself says any suggestion of impropriety is absurd.

Critics have claimed the Huawei ties are an indication that the university has allowed CCCM to be infiltrated by the Chinese company, which has been banned from participating in the UK’s 5G network.

Johnny Patterson, policy director for the Hong Kong Watch campaign group, told the newspaper the university should investigate the relationship between Huawei and CCCM.

He told the Times that British companies and universities have become ‘too dependent on Chinese money’ in recent years, adding: ‘The government urgently needs to launch an investigation into the UK’s dependence on China across a number of institutions and companies.’

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Earlier this year, it was revealed that 20 leading universities have collectively accepted more than £40m in funding from China.

It’s hard to understand, why is it so badly perceived that a big technology company supports the world’s most respected university? Due to the sanctions of the USA, educational institutions are adversely affected. It is very wrong to even think about opening an investigation for such a reason.

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Former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith (pictured) has previously accused Jesus college at Cambridge University of becoming a ‘mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party’