Huawei acquired BlackBerry Patents

Huawei acquired BlackBerry Patents

2021-01-16 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Far behind in the phone market, BlackBerry sold some of its patents to Huawei. What is Huawei planning with these skates? Once the BlackBerry was the major brand in the phone market. The under-screen full keyboard was used extensively by business smartphone users. But it was left behind in the advancing technology.

Much remaining in the phone market, BlackBerry has turned to different industries. turned to the field of internet of things, business and security software. The smartphone brand was licensed to TCL Communications. Later this license was taken over by OnwardMobility.

BlackBerry has sold 90 key smartphone technology patents to Huawei, according to Canadian reports. Ownership of these patents was transferred to Huawei on December 23, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office. BlackBerry has very few patents left in the phone business.

What are the patents sold and their content is not disclosed. It was not disclosed that all of the skates that Huawei bought were related to my smartphone. We think Huawei will make the best use of these skates in the future.