Huawei Announces ‘My Huawei’ App

Huawei Announces ‘My Huawei’ App

2021-01-25 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei introduced the ‘My Huawei’ Application. Huawei announced its new application named ‘My Huawei’, which will combine many applications in one application. At the annual conference held every year, it introduced the new game technology that the smartphone market was waiting for, along with the My Huawei application.

About the ‘My Huawei’ App, Head of Telephony, Kevin Ho, announced at the conference which apps the new app will combine. According to the statement, the My Huawei application will be an application where Huawei Club, Huawei Mobile Services, GameCenter and Member Center applications come together.

“My Huawei” was announced after the Honor brand launched the My Honor application on its newly released flagship Honor V40 smartphone.

My Huawei application, users will be able to do their work in Huawei applications from a single application. When the My Huawei application will be released has not been announced yet.