Huawei enters a strategic cooperation on HarmonyOS Metaverse

Huawei enters a strategic cooperation on HarmonyOS Metaverse

2021-11-24 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Perfect World and Huawei HarmonyOS have reached a strategic cooperation. Collaborated to integrate Metverse meta-universe elements into the game.

The concept of Metaverse is being followed and studied by companies around the world. And big companies, users are waiting for a company that can really show the impact of Metaverse. We will see if there can be virtual life with the meta universe. But Metaverse games are starting to become quite popular.

Some investors recently asked Perfect World: “Hello, Secretary of the Board, do your company and Huawei have in-depth cooperation in VR AR? In the final final test of Phantom Tower, the player’s rating is quite high, and a high degree of freedom and freedom The open-world gameplay with control is impressive. Can the company’s open-world technology know-how be applied to the development of future commodities?

In response to Perfect World, he said that the company has reached a strategic cooperation with Huawei Hongmeng System. The company’s self-developed ERA engine will work with Huawei’s Hongmeng System to make deeper exploration and settlement in the playground in the new 5G era. As a technology-driven digital cultural and creative enterprise, Perfect World has always adhered to the development approach.

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Perfect World is optimistic about the future prospects of Metaverse, and actively explores the multiple possibilities of combining current advantages and future technology in the Metaverse space, and has integrated metaverse-related elements into the current game development and looks forward to further enrichment.