Huawei Hyper Curved Arc Screen phone

Huawei Hyper Curved Arc Screen phone

2021-08-24 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei is considering launching a Hyper Curved Arc Display phone. There are many people who do not like curved screens, but for those who like curved screens, Huawei may be preparing to launch curved screen products in its high-end products.

Recently, the Huawei design patent surfaced online. The biggest difference of the patent is that the screen uses a curved screen with a huge curvature, even extending from the bezel to the back shell, and the foreign media brought by Let’sGoDigital. it creates a high definition image according to this patent.

As in the sample images, in addition to the iconic perforated curved screen, the camera also features the Huawei P50 series on the rear lens. The difference in the P50 series rear lens design is the location has changed slightly, from the left side of the location to the middle, but also at the bottom with right-angle frame padding, lines that make the whole camera look clearer. this similarity is in line with the Mate and is similar to the positioning of the Mate series.

We can say that the Huawei phone calls it “Arc Display”, uses both sides of the screen to provide touch control, adds a virtual volume button, supports pressure sensing in addition to the machine’s screen, so it can be said that a screen is on the screen.