Huawei Mate X Rollable Concept Video

Huawei Mate X Rollable Concept Video

2021-09-02 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

According to LetsGoDigital, Huawei is developing a rollable screen smartphone with a large pull-out screen, the screen can occupy the entire front and most of the back area, they have drawn a series of renders and videos for this model.

Letsgodigital tentatively named and produced the Huawei Mate X Rollable concept video. The phone is different from the previous concept model shown by OPPO, the machine wraps the screen, it can be used as a secondary screen on the back, the overall appearance is similar to Huawei’s first folding screen Mate X design.


Huawei’s foldable phone has three display modes that allow users to expand 6.5 phones to a tablet of up to 11 inches, which will have a significant advantage over the fold of the phone with a folded screen. In addition, the back of Huawei’s scrolling screen phone is expected to use a three-camera design, which may have part of the screen and a camera module, so there is no need to provide a camera on the front, it performs tracking perfectly. full screen image.

Even better, the concept device does not leave any unpleasant bumps or gaps in the screen, it should be used to hide the front camera under the screen solution. As for whether Huawei will launch such a device later on, it will depend on whether the upstream allows it.

source: Letsgodigital