Huawei may have fixed some chip supply issues

Huawei may have fixed some chip supply issues

2021-11-09 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

It turns out that Huawei has fixed some chip supply issues. After the US sanctions, there had been a chip supply problem. The chip supply affected not only Huawei but also many industries and brands. Huawei experienced delays due to chip problem, even 5g network could not be released and continued with 4g version.

For example, Huawei P50 series 12GB memory version has been released, but it is very difficult to find it in stock. Huawei P50 series 6Gb and 8Gb models are available.

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According to the latest reports, Huawei’s 12GB storage cut situation seems to have eased recently. If it goes well, the 12GB version supply of some models may become obsolete by the end of this month. This news means that the large memory version of the upcoming new models will also increase the supply and benefit from the next best flagship Huawei Mate 50 series.