Huawei new products are coming

Huawei new products are coming

2021-03-29 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

New products are coming to Huawei. It was found that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied for “Huawei Smart Selection”, “HD Health Vision Large Screen”, “Huawei Whole House Smart”, “Huawei registration.

It can be seen from the names and categories of trademarks that have applied for registration that Huawei will continue to develop in the field of smart device production and research and development in the face of US technology sanctions.

“Autonomous driving network” clearly uses the word “network” after “autonomous driving”. So, does Huawei plan to integrate 5G communications technology further into “autonomous driving” technology? We all know that 5G networks have the characteristics of low latency and high bandwidth, so with the blessing of 5G networks, Huawei is currently developing an autonomous drive system based on the Hongmeng system and Huawei’s self-developed AI chips and its future. cars will drive automatically Is the new development in the field worthy of friends’ expectations?

“Huawei Wisdom Star”, “Huawei Whole House Smart”, “Huawei Smart Selection” etc. show Huawei’s goals in the smart home ecology and market. Currently, local smart home platforms are Xiaomi,, Baidu, Alibaba, Huawei etc. It is doing well in companies. But there aren’t many companies with a relatively complete ecological environment. It is speculated that it could only be Xiaomi. Comparable to Huawei and other companies obviously lack of self-developed terminal access, more is to provide platform services. Currently, the development of Huawei mobile phones is limited, so will Huawei turn its development focus to other smart terminals besides mobile phones? let’s wait and see.

Does the “HD Health Vision Big Screen” indicate that Huawei is about to launch a new “Smart Display” TV? The main promotion of “Health Vision” is clearly aimed at the household consumer market, I hope it will not be too expensive!

Another interesting thing we found is that Huawei has saved all names from P10 to P100 and the registration categories are “transportation”, “scientific vehicle” etc. Increase mobile phone development stability! Media currently predicts the Huawei P50 will be released at the April 26 press conference, but everyone is more concerned about the chip. If the P50 hit the market, would you buy it?

source: suhu