Huawei Nova 5T soon in France

Huawei Nova 5T soon in France

2019-10-14 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei will market the Nova 5T in France, and we already know it: it’s the Honor 20.

We wondered what Huawei would present during the press conference scheduled for October 17 in Paris. We have the answer: it’s the Nova 5T.

Huawei is unable to certify, for the moment, its new smartphones. This explains why the Chinese brand has presented a Mate 30 with no Google service, and therefore neither the Play Store nor other Google.

While waiting to see more clearly, Huawei cunning. The P30 has been revised, with a design a bit changed, prices have also dropped with very attractive offers on this end of the year. Finally, the Nova 5T seems to be also a product already announced and even already available on the market. According to the visual received this morning, this Nova 5T is a Honor 20.

The Nova 5T is a product already available in other markets in South Asia, and its characteristics are the same as the Honor 20. The photo part had also convinced us, with a 48 megapixel main camera, backed by a TOF sensor. There is also a camera for a macro mode, as well as an ultra-wide angle camera.

Obviously, it is rather unusual to find two similar products in the same market of two different brands. Nevertheless, Honor and Huawei – even if the brands are from the same group – have a different positioning and distribution policy. We will find the Nova 5T in some traders, and the Honor 20 in others.

During the event, we will also have confirmation of the selling price and the marketing date of the Nova 5T. As a reminder, the price of Honor 20 is 399 euros, it has recently dropped because it was previously 499 euros.