Huawei P50 Pro camera and display features

Huawei P50 Pro camera and display features

2021-01-01 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

According to information published by Steve Hemmerstoffer on the website, the upcoming Huawei P50 series with HarmonyOS, “Huawei P50 comes with a case of approximately 159 mm in height and 73 mm in width and a 6.6-inch screen.”

“Reflecting the previous generations, the P50 Pro still has a screen with fairly rigid side curves and thin bezels. What differs from its predecessor is that Huawei apparently decided to change the dual front camera setup in favor of a more discreet single-hole camera. The magnetic found in the P40 Series. the headphone speaker system has been replaced with a standard headphone. “

The Huawei P50 is expected to hit the market in mid-2021. HarmonyOS will be installed as the operating system. It is said that having HarmonyOS on phones will enable smart phones to work more efficiently.

Thank Steve Hemmerstoffer