Huawei Smart Door Lock features and price

Huawei Smart Door Lock features and price

2021-08-01 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Smart Selection Dessmann Smart Door Lock is one of the devices introduced by Huawei last week. The product is available in discount offers through Huawei’s official shopping platform Vmall.

Huawei smart door provides solid security to prevent unauthorized entry to the home with its many security features. Huawei Smart Door Lock, door opening tracking record data is also recorded and the data can be shared with people in the user’s network. The smart door can be controlled remotely via the Huawei Smart Life app.

Huawei Smart door lock can also manage other smart devices connected to it. The one-touch feature allows the user to turn off the lights, wireless speakers, and other connected devices. The device also has an alarm or defense mode that is activated when you press a key combination. There is also an emergency quick release lever that can be used in an emergency.

Huawei smart lock has a bridge design and six unlocking methods with Huawei smart card. The device uses a Huawei wallet, which includes your smartphone’s ability to unlock and lock the device. You can also lock the device further even when your smartphone is not turned on. Other unlocking options are also available with the device. These include Fingerprint scanner, Passcode protection, one key unlock and double password or temporary password.

The Huawei Smart Selection Dessmann Smart Door Lock includes a CNY 100 ($15) discount on the product price, selling for CNY 1,699 ($263). In addition, buyers will receive a 5000mAh Dessmann lithium battery that costs CNY 199 ($31). There is also free shipping for the product. The general discount offer for the product can be up to $50.