Huawei Smart Doorbell Pro

Huawei Smart Doorbell Pro

2020-11-09 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei announced Smart Camera Pro, integrated into its new smart home product Smart Doorbell Pro and Smart Doorbell Pro. Smart Camera Pro, a wide angle wireless camera to constantly monitor your home.

Huawei Smart Doorbell Pro provides remote access to the device via your smartphone. When the bell rings, the Smart Doorbell Pro records this person. Thanks to the Huawei Smart Screen, the image of the person coming when the bell rings is seen on the TV.

When you answer the bell, the intercom can change your voice. If there is someone standing in front of the door for more than 10 seconds without pressing the bell, the Smart Doorbell Pro takes an image of the waiting person.

The Smart Camera Pro, integrated into the Smart Doorbell Pro, has an ultra-wide angle of 165 degrees, and a 6.500 mAh battery inside the device. The battery is used for 8 months on a single charge.
The Smart Doorbell Pro price is $ 90.