Huawei Smart Vision VR Glass introduced

Huawei Smart Vision VR Glass introduced

2022-11-23 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Smart Vision VR Glass product was introduced at the 2022 World VR Industry event. He Gang, chief operating officer (COO) of Huawei Device BG, showcased what the first smart vision glass is. The new smart Vision VR glass comes with many impressive features and outstanding functionality. It is a good addition to the virtual reality world.

Smart Vision VR Glass has a Micro-OLED display that looks like a large 120 inch virtual screen. The binoculars have 1080p resolution, full HD and 480 nits brightness. The virtual reality glass has a 90% DCI-P3 color gamut and is certified for TUV Rheinland low blue light eye safety. The smart Vision VR glass has a muscular look and matte texture on the frame, and the package box has a solid black construction. It also features an ultra-thin smart speaker system as well as an add-on cavity on the left.

Huawei smart Vision VR Glass supports myopia adjustment of up to 500 degrees, corresponding to the refractive power of up to 500 diopters. Smart glass lacks a native CPU or storage segment and does not support an external mobile hard drive. But it can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or PC. Battery life depends on the battery life of the connected device.

Huawei has not yet released any pricing details for the smart Vision VR glass, but it is available for pre-order starting November 14. The VR cam will go on sale in late December.