Huawei U7 PRO wireless karaoke dual microphone

Huawei U7 PRO wireless karaoke dual microphone

2021-12-29 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Smart Screen S series and V series launched Huawei U7 PRO wireless karaoke dual microphone, which supports Design For Huawei certification (DFH), compatible with X series.

Huawei Pure wheat U7 PRO wireless karaoke dual microphones have simple and beautiful appearance, effective anti-roll, protection, environmentally friendly materials, frosted surface and oil spray treatment, and delicate touch. A wireless karaoke microphone that the user will love to use.

Reported that U7 PRO wireless karaoke dual microphones support AI Bel Canto intelligent anti-humming, built-in DSP professional digital audio processing chip, self-developed AI Bel Canto algorithm, easily solve the problem of high pitch not going up, low bass does not go down Hi Song Problem, restore KTV experience and make the K song easy.

Professional singing-grade large dynamic microphone core, built-in high-density sponge, filter noise, make the voice pickup clearer and clearly capture every detail of the sound.

When you forget to turn off the power, the pure wheat K song wireless microphone activates the auto-off function. Reasonable power management, only two AA batteries can achieve super battery life of 14 to 18 hours.

What is DESIGN FOR HUAWEI (DFH): It is a partner program for accessories such as Huawei smartphones, tablet laptops and wearable devices. It is committed to working with innovative partners to provide consumers with Huawei terminal products that are compatible with Huawei terminal products, have a better experience, and choose more abundant accessory products.

The price is 429 yuan ($ 67) at Huawei Mall