Huawei ultra-thin charger, the thinnest, small and light charger

Huawei ultra-thin charger, the thinnest, small and light charger

2021-09-29 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei introduced the 66W GaN ultra-thin charger. The thinnest, lightest and smallest charger only the size of a credit card. Launched the gallium nitride ultra-thin charger with a thickness of 10.5 mm and a weight of 62 g.

Compatible with multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs. It also supports 66W super fast charging. The sale date has not been announced yet, we expect it to be available in all countries and regions soon.

The Huawei 66W GaN ultra-thin charger is slightly smaller than a credit card. It has an ultra-large output power of 66W. It has a single USB-C output port configuration. It supports super fast charging and USB PD fast charging standard.

With the collapsible pin design, the pins can be stored in the shell or even placed in a card holder.

Huawei’s 66W GaN ultrathin charger adopts ultra-thin architectural design, using high-efficiency sealed GaN GaN power chips, COB highly integrated flat-panel transformers, pen-shaped electrolytic capacitors, and power density compared to the matching 66W original chargers. Mate40 is a 95.9% increase and a 62.9% thickness reduction. With 11V6A voltage file, it can provide super fast charging support up to 66W for flagship phones such as Huawei P50 and Mate40. 50cm 6A USB-C to USB-C high current data cable is included in the package.

Huawei ultra-slim charger, Price: 299 yuan ($46 – €39).