Artificial Intelligence Huawei All-Flash Storage

Artificial Intelligence Huawei All-Flash Storage

2019-12-11 1 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

The OceanStor Dorado triples performance by using five dedicated Huawei processors and deploys an end-to-end service acceleration platform, increasing resource usage.

Multi-protocol Interface Chip, SSD Control Chip, Smart Processor Chip, Smart AI Processor, BMC Management Chip, some of the features that are available in the processor.

Smart Processor technology uses the best performing ARM based CPU. It works 25 % faster than its best competitor.

End-to-End NVMe Architecture enables direct communication between CPU and SSDs.

FlashLink Algorithm OceanStor Dorado’s new, SSD-optimized design and disk / controller coordination technology synchronize data on controllers and SSDs, enabling storage controllers to detect data layouts in SSDs in real time.

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Marat Galiev, a solution architect at Huawei, describes FlashLink®’s intelligent algorithm.