New style and pictures of Huawei little princess Yao Anna

New style and pictures of Huawei little princess Yao Anna

2021-09-05 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

On September 5, 2021, Huawei little Princess Yao Anna published the cover of a new magazine she shot and happily wrote: Another season she loves. It seems that Anna Yao is confident by sharing her new look with everyone.

Come and see if “Huawei Little Princess” has made any progress in taking tough pictures after a few months of debut.

Huawei little princess Yao Anna

Anna Yao posted a total of two cover photos. In the first photo, she changed her old style and cut her hair a lot. She wore a V cage and a British style gift. She also wore a black hat on her head.

Yao Anna’s expression in front of the camera is quite natural.

Take a look at the second cover photo, he wore a suit with a black and white stitched shirt and his expression looked calm and serene. However, netizens seem to have their own opinions on Yao Anna’s new look.

Some netizens said, “After reading these two photos of Yao Anna, they still named Yao Anna by Guan Xiaotong”, and some netizens said, “It can be said that P’s mother no longer recognizes P’s mother”, “One hundred half smaller”, “Damn Goodbye”, “I looked at a Chinese restaurant, where is it”.

However, there are still a few netizens who are happy with the shape of the first photo and think “he’s very handsome but a little far from me”.

Anna Yao officially announced her debut on Weibo in January of this year and publicly denied that she is American. However, when Anna Yao debuted, many netizens did not know her, she was simply the “Huawei little princess”, so the public also considered her entry into the entertainment industry. divided.

But despite all the doubts, Yao Anna is still adamant about the route she has chosen. According to reports, her father, Ren Zhengfei, is also very supportive of his daughter’s literary and artistic path.

I believe that when Anna Yao enters the entertainment industry, her father will not stop supporting her. She has very good sources after her debut. She has been on the cover of various magazines in a short time and has released her own new songs.

After that, she participated in the recording of the popular variety show “Chinese Restaurant”. In the Reuters photos of the show, Anna Yao did not look like “Miss Jinjin” at all. She helped carry the items with big bags and gained attention. lots of fans passing by.

He recently re-released his new single and his development in the entertainment industry has been pretty smooth. However, this season’s “Chinese Restaurant” does not attract as much attention as previous seasons and the score is not high.

However, I believe Yao Anna will officially announce more material in the near future. Before that, the company will also conduct demon training on him. He should not fail easily as he has chosen this path.