Robot dog show, Huawei Connect in 2022

Robot dog show, Huawei Connect in 2022

2022-09-28 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Connect introduced new technologies in 2022. The Robot Dog show at the event attracted a lot of attention. Huawei has excited the tech industry with the release of robot dogs, AI discovery system, and Digital Avatars.

These AI robot dogs are currently in the testing phase. Dogs can track motion control, and we expect to see in detail how Huawei implements it. Robot dogs are used in many fields. For example, after detecting fire in buildings they will look for and help the AI deliver news faster.

New AI Innovation Robot dogs | Image credit: Ronald Van Loon/YouTube

Or it will also help them find people trapped in a building affected by an earthquake or something. The AI system is powered by artificial intelligence and improves itself every day. We do not know when we will see these smart robot dogs in our lives, but the work continues very quickly.