Sunra electric scooter will come with HarmonyOS

Sunra electric scooter will come with HarmonyOS

2021-10-03 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Sunra introduced its new model XC3 electric scooter with HarmonyOS support. Chinese electric scooter manufacturer Sunra is a large company worldwide and sells scooters to more than 70 countries. Sunra (Xinri) will be the new XC3, making it the first HiLink compatible device in the category.

The Xinri XC3 comes with a host of new features that will still be available in China under the model names GF6, FN3, and will have the common HarmonyOS-based operating system and Huawei HiLink support. Electric scooters can be connected to the phone via NFC, and then a number of features can be used in the Huawei AI Life app

The collaboration with Huawei has fully demonstrated the unprecedented integration and tacit understanding between the two fields. Under the guidance of Huawei’s “1+8+N” all-scenario strategy, the two major national brands will not only create a new smart travel ecology in the electric vehicle field in the future, but also smart, full-scenario life with the new Internet of Everything Experience. At the auto show on May 20, Mr. Zhang Chongshun, president of SUNRA Electric Vehicles, not only briefly introduced SUNRA’s electric vehicle intelligence and lithium battery technology to everyone, but also demonstrated the intelligent functions of Huawei HiLink F5. Leaders and consumers better understand the HiLink version of Huawei’s new smart lithium battery.

Source: Sunra