Taiwanese chipmaker Macronix, Huawei statement

Taiwanese chipmaker Macronix, Huawei statement

2022-09-17 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

The head of Taiwanese chipmaker Macronix International Co Ltd said on Friday it is “doing very well” in switching customers after the Trump administration’s ban on supplying China’s Huawei.

Miin Wu, Chairman and CEO of Macronix, told reporters at the company headquarters in Taiwan’s chip hub Hsinchu that Huawei used to be its number one customer for 5G-related chips.


When asked about the impact of English-speaking and US restrictions on sales to Chinese firms, Wu said, “The only thing I can do to that end is find more customers that fit our business.”

“We’re very good at that. We actually get a lot of new customers from Europe, from the US. They used to only buy from US suppliers, now they buy from me. So I don’t understand. that’s a problem.”

Source: Reuters