TOP SaaS CXO Innovation Thinking Conference concluded successfully

TOP SaaS CXO Innovation Thinking Conference concluded successfully

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The digital economy is sweeping the world like a wave, and emerging technologies like 5G and AloT are emerging one after another, promoting industrial improvement. Cloud computing services continued to maintain the high growth trend from startup to gradual descent in various industries, and the increase in demand also started the “significant” moment of business growth in the SaaS industry. However, all companies will undergo the cycle test. Facing the current “winter”, how can SaaS companies move upwards and gain deep insights into circular insights, strategies and practices?

Between 25-26 November 2022, Into Huawei TOP SaaS CXO Innovation Thinking Meeting was successfully held at Huawei Dongguan Songshan Lake Base. Industry-leading investors and distinguished SaaS entrepreneurs talk about the trends and challenges of the SaaS industry, share the innovative practices of SaaS partners working together, and the high-level prospects of SaaS companies on the quality improvement path.

For twelve years now, the digitization process of businesses has been accelerating and the SaaS path has developed rapidly with extremely high activity and withdrawals. The data shows that in 2021, there will be 268 investment and financing events in China’s SaaS track, 236 companies have invested, and the total financing amount is 41,085 billion yuan. Since the beginning of this year, this investment and financing boom has continued to heat up, but dark clouds over China’s SaaS industry are slowly emerging. How to go through the cycle and how to plan long-term is also a mandatory lesson for investors.

Xiong Fei, a partner of Matrix Partners Ventures, said in his “Analysis and Improvement Recommendations for the Current Capital Market of Corporate Services”, that the current Chinese corporate services market is showing a state of crisis and organic development. – the so-called “danger” mainly due to changes in capital from looking at income to looking at health, a significant decrease in the supply of capital, and a decrease in the pace of development, tighter wallets, homogeneous competition for customers and products; The so-called “machine”, the business model is in a long-term healthy state, as Enterprise computing is one of the paths with the least impact, and industry concentration is at an early stage. . Investors faced with this situation must calmly deal with the unchanging investment philosophy and changing practical standards.

The SaaS market is recovering. The scale of China’s enterprise-grade SaaS market is predicted to exceed 100 billion yuan in 2022, with huge development potential.

At this event, Wang Xihai, Product Department Director of the HUAWEI CLOUD App Store & Developer Alliance, shared the innovative ecology of HUAWEI CLOUD with existing guests with the theme “Building a Cloud Ecosystem and Promoting Business Potential”. HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to “everything” The “all services” strategy has revealed Huawei’s more than 30 years of technology know-how and excellent applications in the field of ICT in the form of cloud services. On this basis, HUAWEI CLOUD provides massive tool services to tens of millions of developers through the open and innovative aPaaS-as-a-service experience, providing talent certification and technological innovation, consolidating cloud services from thousands of industries and creating a one-stop enterprise application. Distribution The cloud app store platform helps partners and developers realize business monetization. At the same time, identify and explore the full potential of the commercial market with the help of the HUAWEI CLOUD Innovation Center.

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