Updated Hongmeng 3.0 support list

Updated Hongmeng 3.0 support list

2022-05-11 3 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

It was written that the Hongmeng OS 3.0 version will be used by the Huawei Mate50 series, which will be released in July. Also, the upgrade list of Hongmeng OS 3.0 has been announced before.

Unlike the previous extensive coverage, it can be seen that there are much less models in the new listing. It covers almost all old models including Huawei Mate 40 series, Huawei Mate 30 series and Huawei Mate 20 series, Huawei Mate10 series, Huawei P40 series, Huawei P30 series and Huawei P20 series, Huawei P10 series.

In addition, there are Huawei Nova 8 series, Huawei Nova 7 series, Huawei Nova 6 series, Changxiang 20 series, Changxiang 10 Plus, Maimang 8 and other models. It can usually be said that they are all old models. Although the models are old, they are loved by the users.

Some Honor mobile phones do not support upgrading. It was stated that when the Honor brand leaves Huawei, it will support the update of the Hongmeng OS system, so they should be responsible until the end.

As the Hongmeng system is a unified system, it also supports products such as mobile phones, watches, tablets, Internet of Things and smart car cockpits.