“We were leaving the smartphone market,” Huawei said.

“We were leaving the smartphone market,” Huawei said.

2019-12-08 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei, a technology leader, used to think about leaving the smartphone market.
Richard Yu, one of Huawei CEOs, announced the four-hour video “Who is Huawei“. In this statement, the company started smartphone technology eight years ago.

Huawei, 8 years ago, the mobile phone industry is not widespread in the mobile phone industry did not get results. “Poor user experience” because of the thought of leaving the mobile phone industry.

Huawei then switched to a different strategy. Richard Yu asked him to make better quality mid-range and high-end devices and he was positive. It has become a leader not only in China but also in the world and has developed its technology.

Huawei has invested heavily in R & D. In 2017 alone, he spent $ 13.8 billion on R & D. In 2017, it ranked above Apple and below Intel with its R & D investment. Not only arge, but also evaluated the user’s requests. From 2017 to the end of 2019, R & D spent $ 60 billion.

Despite the US embargo, he developed his own technology. The new model phones, the operating system HarmonyOS, artificial intelligence processors, 5G technology and has become a leader in many industries.