What is original Huawei Video with 230 million users, download Huawei video

What is original Huawei Video with 230 million users, download Huawei video

2021-06-22 1 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Video is a video platform offered by Huawei. Huawei Video, YouTube and Netflix are similar platforms. There are videos that can be watched for free, like on YouTube, and movies and documentaries that can be watched for a subscription, like on Netflix.

Huawei Video can work on all Huawei devices running EMUI 8.0 and higher. You can use Huawei AppGallery to download Huawei videos. In addition, devices with Google Play Store access have the Huawei Video application in the Google Play Store.

With 230 million users, Huawei Video is growing very fast. AiMax Cinema, Baihuahao, Super Diamond Members. With its strength in technology and operations, Huawei Video strives to provide global users with the ultimate experience based on the age of artificial intelligence.

An observer of the long video industry told Entertainment Capital matrix number Diaojiao Yutou (ID: ylwanjia) that among many terminal manufacturers, Huawei is the most persistent in the construction and operation of its content platforms.

Huawei’s terminal cloud services such as Huawei Video and Huawei Music, and the Huawei HMS ecosystem behind them, have become the third largest mobile application ecosystem in the world. This is a new ecosystem based in China and facing the world, serving more than 170 countries and regions. From 730 million users and 2.7 million developers.

Huawei Video does a lot of research on technology, distribution and content to serve hundreds of millions of users around the world.