What will change for Huawei with US President Joe Biden

What will change for Huawei with US President Joe Biden

2021-02-07 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Now that Joe Biden has officially been elected the new US president, the question is rightly what will happen to Huawei. It was May 2019 when the Donald Trump administration’s executive order imposed a ban as controversial as it was harmful to Chinese society. Within a year, it ceased to be one of the most relevant companies in the technological landscape and was overthrown by many countries. Just look at sales figures in Europe going from 4th to 2nd in a few months. But now Donald Trump is no longer at the head of the United States, what could Huawei face?

Why is Donald Trump angry at Huawei?
First, why Huawei was banned by Donald Trump can easily be traced back to its nationalist and isolationist policies. Trump launched a genuine customs war that broke the historically sensitive relations between the US and China. Basically the war that ended at the beginning of 2020, when China made a commitment to buy American products for $ 200 billion within two years. It’s a victory for Trump’s policies, but this has created a clear discontent in the markets.

As we mentioned in our editorial at the time, we see reasons and mistakes on both sides in the conflict between Huawei and the United States. Chinese companies, especially Huawei, have been squeezed several times in applying anti-competitive dynamics. However, it cannot be denied that Huawei’s inclusion in the Asset List is a timing that follows a period of decline in American Apple’s sales. Do 2 + 2 to understand how Trump seized the ball to halt Huawei’s advance in the West and sold a threat to the growing Asian-centric tech market in society.

As we know, the reasons accusing Huawei (later TikTok and WeChat) of being a threat to national security were quite different. However, a serious accusation that saw no concrete evidence on the plate; However, Huawei had serious repercussions, starting with the impossibility of equipping its devices with Google services. But what will happen now?

… Or maybe not?
Assuming that relations between the US and Huawei could soften with Joe Biden at the head of the government, doubts arise about the software industry. Except for unforeseen surprises, if Huawei returns as Google’s partner, it certainly won’t happen in the short term. And in recent months, the company has focused a lot on its ecosystem consisting mainly of Huawei Mobile Services and AppGallery. Not to mention that HarmonyOS is just around the corner: the first Betas will arrive in a few weeks, and we’ll see the first smartphones to mount it by default instead of Android in 2021.

In light of that, would it make sense for Huawei to give up what it was doing and follow its steps? Maybe yes maybe no. Huawei may have prepared a plan B that allows Google to return on its devices, but this is not mandatory. Looking at the glass half full, this ban is seen as an opportunity for Huawei to take its steps back without having to rely on third parties. The sales will prove whether Huawei is right, but the negative trend in Europe should not be underestimated.

The conflict between Huawei and the US never ended
However, the arrival of Joe Biden to the US presidency does not necessarily mean a positive result for Huawei. For example, it was Biden himself who banned the use of TikTok for campaign staff in the summer of 2020. The reasons given were Trump-I, or security and privacy risks. In short, this fear seems to have taken root in the US in providing personal data to typical Asian platforms, as was the case with ByteDance’s creation. And given that every day we feed mountains of data to so many American apps, most notably Facebook and Google, that’s something that can only make you smile.

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