Wireless charging equipment for electric vehicles

Wireless charging equipment for electric vehicles

2022-09-20 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei “vehicle charging equipment for electric vehicles and systems and methods for wireless charging of electric vehicles” patent has been published. According to the patent application, current electric vehicle charging technology can be broadly divided into in-vehicle charging (OBC), off-vehicle charging and wireless charging (WC). This patent provides a solution to the problem of traditional wireless charging and low integration of traditional on-board charging systems.

The patent brief shows that the patent is for an onboard charger for electric vehicles, and the onboard charger exhibits higher power density at a significantly reduced cost. For special configuration of on-board charging equipment, it includes:

  • Mains input including power factor correction (PFC) converter;
  • Grid-side DC/AC converter;
  • Transformer with mains side coil and battery side coil;
  • Battery side AC/DC converter;
  • Battery connector;

One or more bypass switches to electrically connect the mains side converter to the battery side converter when off.

Among them, the transformer is used for magnetic connection to the TX pad of an external wireless power transmitter (WPT), so that the upstream coil and battery side coil are powered. When the bypass switch is closed and the transformer is magnetically coupled to the WPT, the battery connector is powered via the battery-side converter and the upstream converter.