Zara Larsson canceled the deal with Huawei

Zara Larsson canceled the deal with Huawei

2020-08-06 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Swedish singer Zara Larsson made a statement on TV4 television. He criticized China’s oppression policies in East Turkistan and Hong Kong.

Zara Larsson said, “Everyone knows how much I defend human rights. China is not a beautiful country. I ended cooperation with Huawei to take a stand against East Turkestan, Hong Kong policies and Tik Tok.” He made a statement saying

Zara Larsson. Foto─čraf: Amy Harris / Invision / AP

Zara Larsson, who won the “Talent is You” contest on TV4 in 2008, was recognized as an internationally famous artist in 2013 in collaboration with Uncover and French DJ David Guetta.