Huawei thinks all-screen fingerprint phone may come soon

Huawei thinks all-screen fingerprint phone may come soon

2020-08-14 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Despite the prohibitions of the United States, Huawei continues to improve itself and find innovations. One of Huawei innovations is the phone patent with all-screen fingerprint feature.

Many phone companies are trying to develop all-screen fingerprint. But Huawei may be the first to do it. There is no detailed explanation yet. In this feature, the screen is limited to certain areas, security, screen features are not yet clear. The advantage is huge, users can easily unlock their device by simply tapping anywhere on the screen. The user can passivate certain areas of the screen and have longer battery life. Using the entire screen will reduce battery life.

In the future, all Huawei phones may be all-screen fingerprint enabled. He filed his patent application in China, Japan, Europe, South Korea, the United States and India.

We will share it when we learn other details about the new feature.