Huawei continues to invest in Smart Cars technology

Huawei continues to invest in Smart Cars technology

2020-08-14 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei develops technology in many areas such as phone, computer, network. It makes large investments in smart cars technology.

According to Huawei officials, “The company is preparing to reduce the cost of radar sensors to $ 100 in the future with advanced 5G technology.” Huawei is trying to develop LiDAR technology by investing in LiDAR technology.

What is LiDAR: stands for “light detection and range”. It is essentially a sensor that uses light in the form of pulsed lasers to measure the distance to a particular target.

Huawei Hicar
Huawei HiCar

LiDAR technology is very important for driverless cars, as it helps the smart car to perceive its environment and act accordingly. Companies like Tesla are trying to develop different technologies. Is LiDAR? Tesla developed my technology will be successful and will be seen in the future. Wang said that an optoelectronic technology R&D center in Wuhan with more than 10,000 employees aims to produce 100 lines of LiDAR in a short time while reducing costs.