China Telecom and Huawei complete testing of 5G private network RedCap

China Telecom and Huawei complete testing of 5G private network RedCap

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China Telecom has completed testing of the world’s first 5G private network RedCap at the Port of Zhenjiang. This test is based on the 5G port customized private network solution released by China Telecom Group and uses 3.5 GHz commercial spectrum to validate RedCap’s core functions, service speed, latency, user coexistence, mobility management and video service collection. . The test results show that RedCap can meet the needs of business applications such as unmanned emptying of funnels, remote stacking and retrieval, smart log and stack identification, which will positively promote the application of RedCap technology in 5G smart hotspot scenarios.

This particular network test differs from on-site testing in the lab, but integrates the actual performance requirements and scenario requirements of the existing network, fully validating and laying the groundwork for RedCap’s ability to enable the generation of key scenarios. scale replication of 5G RedCap industry solutions in the future. The test was jointly completed by the technical team of China Telecom Jiangsu Branch, Zhenjiang Port Group, Tianyi IoT 5G IoT Joint Open Lab, and Huawei RedCap.

Zhenjiang Port, one of the 25 first-class ports in China to the outside world and one of the 43 main transit ports in the country, is the largest sulfur import port and Yuanming powder export port in the country, and its berthing terminal. The main port business of the 12.5-meter deep-water channel of the Yangtze River includes direct river-sea, rail-water combined transportation, water-land transshipment, multimodal transportation and other dry cargo and general cargo transit loading and unloading services. It has established a cargo transportation business with 128 ports in 50 countries and regions and cultivated iron ore. The development of the smart port process is constrained by factors such as complex cargo structure, various forms, dispersed transportation and high quality requirements for cargo. China Telecom, Zhenjiang Port Group and Huawei jointly established a 5G+MEC private network in Zhenjiang to provide data collection, remote control, unmanned operation and intelligent operation in four business scenarios. RedCap can further lower the industry threshold to use 5G, give new impetus to 5G-enabled smart hotspots and accelerate the digital transformation of bulk cargo ports.

Zhang Xuren, general manager of Zhenjiang Port Group R&D Center, said: As a 5G + industrial Internet application promotion enterprise, Zhenjiang Port has long been based on the regional center port, relying on the service-oriented production promotion platform and engineering. Jiangsu Province’s technology research center and continuously accelerating the pace of digital transformation and professionalization process. In the first stage, various applications of 5G-related technologies were carried out in bulk cargo ports together with China Telecom and Huawei. This time, RedCap technology was successfully tested and put into use in the 5G private network environment in the port area. technical implementation to further enrich the application scenarios of smart ports. It also greatly encouraged the large-scale application of baseline scenarios and better met the urgent needs of our port companies to enhance their core competitiveness.

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