Google Duo support will not be used on Huawei phones

Google Duo support will not be used on Huawei phones

2021-01-26 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Google Duo support is removed on Huawei phones. Support for Google Mobile Services was canceled due to US bans. Huawei users have found different methods to use google services. It seems that it will become even more difficult to install google services that are loaded with different methods.

What is Google Duo? The program Google uses to make video calls. The Google Duo program is currently running on Android and iOS devices. Google Duo, which also works on Huawei phones that cannot receive Google Mobile Services support, has been learned that its service will be restricted on Huawei phones soon.

In the new version of Google Duo applications, it turned out that video and audio calls cannot be made through the application on devices without an Android certificate / license. If the phone does not have Google Mobile Services, Google Duo will not be available.

In fact, Google’s video service, Google Duo, is not used much. A globally underused program. Since the Google Duo lags far behind its competitors, it won’t affect Huawei users much. But those who use Google Duo need to find a different solution.