HMS Core download features new version

HMS Core download features new version

2021-01-20 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

HMS Core, new version, you can download from the link below. New Version HMS Core updated features:
1 – HUAWEI ID: Account security has been improved.
2 – Some services have been improved.
HMS Core provides basic services such as HUAWEI ID and payments for your Huawei device. Simply log in to your HUAWEI ID to access AppGallery, Cloud, Health and more.
HMS Core if you are a developer; It helps you improve the user experience of your application by providing features such as push notifications, fast login, in-app purchases, machine learning, maps and game services.

HMS Core new version download

ML Kit

  • Facial verification service has been added, which compares captured faces with existing face records to create a similarity value and then determine whether the faces belong to the same person based on the value. This service helps protect your financial services and reduce security risks.
  • Added ability to recognize Vietnamese ID cards.
  • Hand gesture recognition capabilities have been added to support 14 gestures. Hand gesture recognition includes common smart home, interactive entertainment, and online education applications.
  • Added on-device translation support for 8 new languages, including Hungarian, Dutch and Farsi.
  • Added automatic speech recognition (ASR), text to speech (TTS) and real-time transcription services in Chinese and English on all mobile phones and support for French, Spanish, German and Italian on Huawei and Honor devices.
  • Other updates: optimized image segmentation, document skew correction, sound detection and custom pattern feature; Support for audio file transcription has been added to upload multiple long audio files to devices.

Health Kit

  • Added details and statistical data type for medium and high intensity activities.

Proximity Service

  • Windows has been added to the list of platforms supported by the nearby connection, which allows you to import and transfer data between Android and Windows devices. For example, you can connect a phone to a computer as a Touch panel or use a phone to pay after ordering.
  • IOS and MacOS have been added to the list of systems supported by Nearby Message and allowed you to receive beacon messages on iOS and MacOS devices. For example, users can receive a store’s marketing messages with signs distributed after entering the store.

Stage Kit

  • Added fine-grained graphical APIs, including classes for resources, scenes, nodes, and components, helping you perform more accurately and accurately.
  • Shadow features: add support for real-time dynamic shadows and the ability to enable or disable shadow dump.
  • Animation features: added support for skeleton animation and morphing, playback controller, and playback in forward, reverse or loop mode.
  • Added support for asynchronous loading of assets and loading gltf files from external storage.

HMS Core new version download