Huawei 135W fast charger will be released soon

Huawei 135W fast charger will be released soon

2021-01-04 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei is new news: Huawei adds a new device to the patent list. It has added a new one to its fast charging technology, which has been working on R&D for a while. Huawei patented the 135W fast charger.

It is ahead of other brands with its 135W fast charger. It will start to issue similar products in other brands. It is not yet clear when the HW-200675CP0 model device, which supports 135W charging output, will be offered to users.

In addition, 135W fast charging has not yet been announced which products it will support. It may come with smartphone, tablet or matebook support.

Huawei continues to work to improve fast charging technology. Finally, it patented the 135W fast charging support from the China Certification Authority (3C).