Huawei and SPL TELE: Together for emission-free mobility

Huawei and SPL TELE: Together for emission-free mobility

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SPL TELE and HUAWEI Austria recently agreed on a long-term cooperation in the field of electromobility. HUAWEI will deliver a substantial amount of the HiCharger fast charging module this year to support the ambitious goals of SPL TELE. The cooperation in this field will last at least four years.

Vienna / Wolkersdorf SPL TELE is a family business with 450 employees and has gradually expanded since it was spun off from Siemens AG. The past few years have been dominated by a constant innovation process. On the one hand, the dynamic team around owner Rudolf Schütz has further expanded its core business with new technologies, on the other hand, thanks to the future-oriented company policy, the go-ahead for one of the major issues of today was given a few years ago – electromobility.

With the energy transition and the associated switch from fossil to renewable energy sources, the starting signal was given in 2020 for the founding of today’s ELECTRIFY and the takeover of the branches of business established within SPL TELE. In addition to the installation and maintenance of charging infrastructure, the construction of photovoltaic systems and the dimensioning of energy storage systems, ELECTRIFY can currently proudly look back on three sustainable and climate-friendly pillars.

High quality, performance and security

The HiCharger from HUAWEI offers the output power of 150 – 1000V to meet the trend of high-voltage fast charging of vehicles. The 20 kW version, which was developed for the European market, has an efficiency rate of 96.5 percent. The HiChargers convinced SPL Tele not only because of the high quality and performance, but also because of the predictive maintenance and the intelligence noise adjustment. The HiCharger charging module is fully isolated and therefore particularly resistant to dust and moisture. In addition, SPL TELE is automatically reminded to carry out maintenance, which greatly reduces operating costs.

Another reason for the long-term cooperation: Sustainability and ecological awareness are at the top of the agenda for both companies. Alongside other sectors, transport is a major driver of CO2 emissions in Austria. With their innovative technologies and products, HUAWEI and SPL TELE can make a major contribution to emission-free mobility. “Climate change brings great opportunities for companies. Together with HUAWEI and our energetic sister company ELECTRIFY, SPL TELE has taken an important step towards making our future more environmentally friendly,” explains SPL TELE Managing Director Florian Schütz.

Long-term successful cooperation

The companies SPL TELE and HUWAEI have already come to appreciate mutual quality standards to use the HUAWEI product range for equipping the charging stations. The existing synergies will also be used in the construction of photovoltaic systems and thus contribute to an energy-friendly future.

“I am very happy about the collaboration between SPL TELE and Huawei in the field of electromobility. I am convinced that the common strength and the common commitment to the further development of electric mobility will promote efficient use of energy and a reduction in CO2 emissions, which will ultimately significantly improve air quality in Austria,” explains HUAWEI Austria CEO Jackie Zhang with satisfaction.

Thanks to the many years of successful cooperation, mutual trust and the strong customer focus, many companies and end customers in Austria will be able to benefit from the cooperation between the two electromobility pioneers.

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