Huawei Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center officially opened in Wuchang District

Huawei Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center officially opened in Wuchang District

2021-09-30 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

The center appears to have been jointly built by Wuchang District and Huawei in strategic cooperation. The Innovation Center will establish a localized technology and operations team, gather Huawei’s technology, talents and resources in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, industrial Internet and other fields, promote the development of artificial intelligence industry in Wuchang, and realize digitalization. , intelligence and digitization of key industries Industrial upgrading and transformation will help Wuhan build a leading plateau in artificial intelligence innovation across the country.

Liu Xufan, general manager of Wuhan City of Huawei’s Hubei Government and Corporate Affairs Department, said that the cooperation with Wuchang District to build an artificial intelligence innovation center is another important layout of Huawei in Wuhan and even the central region. regional connectivity and industrial clustering. In the future, the innovation center will set a benchmark for innovation scenarios and applications, provide more companies with products and services such as cloud, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, play the energy harvesting role of the innovation center and actively build an innovation center. ecological cluster of digital industries; Combine with the training resources of Wuchang District Advantages, create a regional professional talent training platform.

At the launch ceremony, 11 companies received the first batch of cloud subsidy funding issued by Wuchang District, helping their transformation and development with government-purchased services.

Changjiang Huikong Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. is one of the first companies to receive subsidies. The company focuses on smart high-speed train, smart subway, smart city and other fields, and is a rail transit smart IoT technology and product. Provider.

According to Li Wei, deputy director of Changjiang Huikong R&D Center, the company is mainly engaged in Internet of Things projects, and most of the projects use local area networks. However, considering the future development needs, the company needs to set up its own big data platform and can play a supporting role in the research and development of further products through data analysis. “Huawei has strong strength, a wide range of products and a high level of match with our company. Combined with government recommendations and subsidies, we decided to choose Huawei Cloud for data storage.”

Huawei products on display at the Huawei (Wuhan) Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center. Photojournalist Qin Liuwei

As a key project, Wuchang District attaches great importance to it. The relevant person in charge of the District Bureau of Science and Economics has repeatedly visited Donghu High-Tech Zone, Shanghai Huawei 5G Global Innovation Port, Huawei (Suzhou) Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center. etc. and exchanged ideas with local innovation centre, Understand the operating model and the results achieved. We also conducted several rounds of consultation with the Huawei project team on the innovation center’s construction model, operating objectives, and support methods.

At the same time, Wuchang District held several research meetings on the artificial intelligence needs of district departments and conducted surveys on the artificial intelligence business needs of enterprises in the district. For the smooth development of the Innovation Center’s work, Wuchang District “Measures for the Use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Funds (Trial) in 2021” has been published. Ye Sha, director of the office building investment team where the innovation center is located, said: “We set up a dedicated service team to service the innovation center. It took less than a week from taking care of the office space to the landing of the company.”