Huawei DevEco Studio 3.0 released, download and try

Huawei DevEco Studio 3.0 released, download and try

2021-09-30 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei launched DevEco Studio 3.0 yesterday. DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 1 is now available to download and try. For details and download, you can refer to Huawei developer official website.

Major new features of Huawei DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 1 include:

  • Added Scoring Tool, a native HarmonyOS app or atom service evaluation tool used to test and evaluate the quality of HarmonyOS apps or atom services. It is used by developers for self-testing on HarmonyOS apps or atom services and can quickly provide evaluation results and improvements Recommendations to help developers quickly improve product quality.
  • When compiling and installing the HAP package, a new support is added for compiling a single Module. Compilation and build speed can be improved for scenarios where only one of the Modules must be compiled in a multi-module project, but also time, support for one-click reconfiguration of the HAP package is added, i.e. HAP The Clean Project process is automatically executed before compiling and building the .

Advanced features of Huawei DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 1 include:

  • Compile and build the plugin update to version
  • Supports remote simulator mirror update API Version 6; also adds support for the distributed simulator, “Phone+TV” networking scenario.
  • Low code enhancement functionality adds support for Tablet device enhancement, atomic layout enhancement, and multi-device enhancement switching functions.
  • Improved Java, xml, Json editors, support resource index errors quick fixes and quick display of resource values.
  • Project view supports Ohos view, default view is Project view and developer can change it manually.

V3.0 Beta1 known issues

  • When using the C++ variable visualization function to debug, the one-step debugging will get stuck and the constant change value of the variable will be displayed abnormally.
  • Projects created by Video Player Capability (Java), Device Control Capability (JS), Image Editor Capability (Java), Image Browser Capability (Java) project templates do not support previewing.
  • The project created by the DeviceConfigureAbility (JS) template does not support Js debugging.
  • The project created by the Splash Screen Capability (JS) template does not support writing app.terminate and will have debugging issues.
  • If there is more than one module in the project and the “package” is the same, multi-pill installation and debugging are not supported, you can select a single pill package for debugging.
  • The project created by the About Ability (JS) template does not support this writing method, there will be debugging issues.
  • During phone and tablet debugging, clicking the rotate button causes debugging to end.

As a development tool, in addition to the core code development, compilation and build and deployment functions, DevEco Studio also has the following features:

  • Multi-device unified development environment: Allows application development of multiple HarmonyOS devices, including mobile phones (Phone), tablets (Tablet), car machines (Car), smart displays (TV), smart wearables and lightweight smart wearables (LiteWearable). supports and Smart Vision (Smart Vision) equipment.
  • Supports multi-language code development and debugging: including Java, XML (Extensible Markup Language), C/C++, JS (JavaScript), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HML (HarmonyOS Markup Language).
  • Support FA (Feature Capability) and PA (Particle Capability) rapid development: quickly create FA/PA project templates via the project wizard and package them as HAP (HarmonyOS Capability Pack) in one click.
  • Distributed multi-terminal application development support: A project and a code can run across devices, support real-time preview and differentiated development of different device interfaces, and maximize code reuse.
  • Support for multi-device simulators: Provide simulator resources for multiple devices, including simulators for mobile phones, tablets, car machines, smart displays, and smart wearables to facilitate efficient debugging by developers.
  • Support multi-device previewer: Provide JS and Java previewer functions, you can view the layout effect of the application in real time, support real-time preview and dynamic preview; It also supports simultaneous preview of multiple devices to view. rendering effect of the same layout file on different devices.