Huawei begins to develop Blockchain platform

Huawei begins to develop Blockchain platform

2020-08-25 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

China continues to develop the Blockchain platform. Technology leader Huawei is starting to build a blockchain-based data sharing platform with Beijing local government.

Huawei and Beijing local government will solve the problems of city infrastructure with the blockchain platform. Thanks to the platform that citizens can use on the blockchain platform, decisions that can find solutions for others in the appeal will be taken.

He said that Huawei’s blockchain platform is designed to be useful for the lives of people and will open the blockchain platform to city residents.

They said that the world will continue to spread the Covid-19 outbreak, the blockchain platform Huawei, the healthcare infrastructure will be built, and the trends of the outbreaks can be predicted by using information from every hospital in the city to coordinate medical interventions.

Along with the health system of the blockchain platform, it will be possible to quickly find solutions to issues such as management decisions, parking and road use, objections, controlling risks related to water, gas and electricity use in the city.

Despite the United States’ ban, Huawei continues to work and develop in all industries. Maybe Trump bans will make Huawei even stronger.