India begins to cut Huawei hardware from telecom network

India begins to cut Huawei hardware from telecom network

2020-08-25 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

The Indian government has not yet imposed a formal ban on Chinese products, but says it is trying to phase it out.

Due to the border dispute between China and India, Huawei will begin phasing out its equipment in telecom networks. Although the Indian government has not made an official statement yet, it has become clear that there will be restrictions on Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese brands.

Chinese products do not want to be used in 5G technologies. India did not allow Chinese companies in 5G tests.

Huawei executives at the launch of their Y9 smartphone in New Delhi © Jyoti Kapoor/Pacific Press/Zuma/PA

India and China, which are adjacent to their borders, began to be more cautious against Chinese companies after the death of 20 Indian soldiers on the Indian-China border. “The idea is, ‘Let’s do it hard instead of talking hard,” an Indian official told the Financial Times. We don’t want to make life miserable for consumers. However, when it comes to large government contracts and critical infrastructure, we prefer non-Chinese companies. This message got to the Indian business. “

Not only Chinese products, but recently India banned 58 applications such as Tiktok, which is owned by Chinese companies for safety reasons.

It is unclear when the Indian government will make an official statement. But if China and India border problems continue, bans can be officially announced.

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