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Huawei headquarters moved to Leeza SOHO

Huawei headquarters moved to Leeza SOHO

2021-01-08 0 By Huawei

SOHO China President Pan Shiyi announced at the SOHO China Online Leasing Commendation conference that has rented an office of approximately 60,000 parts in () and will be used as Huawei’s headquarters in China.

Information about Leeza SOHO SOHO:
The name Leeza SOHO is better known as the Tower of Li Ze (Chinese: ; pinyin: ). It has flexible and efficient Class A office spaces located in the Financial district in China. It has a total area of 172,800 m2, with 4 floors underground and 45 floors above the ground. Its architect is Zaha Hadid and it has a perfect appearance in terms of architecture.

Leeza intertwines the two halves of SOHO with a dynamic “pas de deux” that connects the sky bridges on floors 13, 24, 35 and 45. Transportation is directly linked to metro networks.