Huawei Smart Sonic Toothbrush 2S pre-sale started, price and features

Huawei Smart Sonic Toothbrush 2S pre-sale started, price and features

2021-01-08 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

In our previous article, he explained the Huawei Toothbrush. Today (January 8, 2021) Huawei’s Smart Selection Eco-Rebold Smart Sonic Toothbrush 2S model was put on the pre-sale. A different product with its wide brush head and three brushing modes and 55 days of battery time.

Smart Sonic Toothbrush 2S has 2 different power options and 3 cleaning modes. Provides deep cleaning with 3800 times per minute vibration frequency. It has a charging time of 55 days with a 1400 mAh battery.

Since it has the feature of connecting to a mobile phone, you can receive reports such as charge status, tooth brushing status reports, brushing intensity and tooth cleaning from your smartphone. HiLink is used to connect to Huawei Smart Life App for data synchronization and brushing guide.

Huawei’s electric toothbrush is available with different brush heads and brush heads that allow you to reach every area on the teeth. Brush heads provide a performance cleaning and there are Pedex antibacterial brush filaments that can massage the gums. Equipped with Japanese Toray soft fine brush and DuPont diamond brush filaments.

Huawei Smart Sonic Toothbrush 2S Pre-sale will be between January 8, 2021 – January 19, 2021. Its price is 119 yuan (18 $ – 15 €). It is pre-sale at Huawei Mall.

Size: Toothbrush with charging base and brush head size: 264.3 * 58.7 * 58.7mm; toothbrush with charging base without brush head: 203.8 ** 58.7 * 58.7mm; baseless body and brush head size: 191 * 29.2 * 29.2mm