Huawei HiCar new update is coming

Huawei HiCar new update is coming

2022-11-22 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

HUAWEI announced that HiCar will come with a new update, adding dark, light color modes and black technology jerky navigation function. HiCar supports sunrise mode and depth mode, which can automatically adjust according to the sunset time, to provide a better visual experience.

You can also shake the mobile phone to transfer the navigation address on the mobile phone to the smart display of the car, so you can start the navigation on the car machine, which is more convenient. Huawei HiCar has Huawei’s self-developed mobile phone and vehicle interconnection function, similar to Apple’s Car Play function.

What is HUAWEI HiCar? It is a HUAWEI HiCar Smart Connect solution provided by Huawei and has the following features:

  • Safe interaction: minimalist interaction based on security (Security)
  • Non-inductive interconnection: mobile phone/IoT device and vehicle non-inductive full interconnection (Smart Link)
  • Mutual Hardware Assistance: Resource Sharing between mobile phones and cars
  • Ecological sharing: User experience flows seamlessly inside and outside the vehicle (Flawless Experience)

The car’s cockpit features a large central control display, instrument/HUD multi-screen display capabilities, better audio input and output features such as microphones/speakers in the vehicle environment, and convenient reverse controls such as: Square control knobs and buttons Input capacity as well as high precision vehicle data etc. data is available.

Source: ithome