Huawei Kids Watch 4X update

Huawei Kids Watch 4X update

2022-11-22 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Huawei Kids Watch 4X update details:
Added “Health Code Screenshot” in this update chat (must be added via Smart Care app), and apps like Pocket Stories and Uncle Kai’s Storytelling have been preset and security patches integrated. The update may be on different dates depending on the region and countries.

  • Added score red envelope function, which can send score red envelopes to friends or group chat via chat interface.
  • Add Pocket Stories, Uncle Kai’s Storytelling, KaDa Stories and Doudoulong ready apps.
  • Support to get Kaka Paradise points by reaching the number of steps and doing PK exercise.
  • When using the watch to get on the bus, parents can monitor the station, the time of entry and exit from the station, etc. in real time in the smart care app. can view route information and travel safer (currently only supports some cities)
  • Added “Health Code Screenshot” to chat (must be added via smart care app), click to view health code


  • Optimize chat experience in some scenarios
  • Include security patches to improve device system security
  • Optimize Xiaodu Voice Assistant experience