Huawei Hubble invests in Benno Electronics

Huawei Hubble invests in Benno Electronics

2021-02-24 0 By Huawei     GOOGLE NEWS    

Hubble Technology Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Huawei, is a new foreign investment, Shanghai Benno Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beno Electronics”) added.

It is reported that Benno Electronics is a professional manufacturer of electronic grade adhesive products and solutions widely used in electronic assembly and semiconductor packaging. Benno Electronics has completed numerous funding rounds with investors, including the Juxin Fund and Relay Fund, since its inception.

Official news from Benno Electronics shows that ExBond chip adhesive and electronics assembly adhesive developed by Benno Electronics since 2009 are widely used in the electronic packaging market. Both product performance and product stability have excellent performance. Relying on the international advanced technology platform with independent intellectual property rights, Benno Electronics has effectively resolved the contradiction between bonding performance and application performance, broke the market situation previously occupied by foreign brands, and became a well-known electronics brand. Grade adhesives in China.

Since 2011, Benno Electronics has expanded its scale and its product range has increased significantly and has repeatedly developed new product lines: ExSilica silicone series and ExSeal sealant series. Benno Electronics will continue to work extensively with upstream and downstream manufacturers to develop platforms for various advanced forms of packaging.